Warpath is the stereotypical tank commander: loud, boisterous, skilled, confident, devoted to his buddies, and probably a little deaf. His armor is tremendously thick; his skull no less. He loves to show off by splitting hex nuts a mile and a half away, and he has an endless variety of special munitions to load in his prized main gun: cryogenic, acid, thermal, and sonic. His most favorite, however, are the simple explosive shells that go off with a huge explosion, KABOOM!

His gun...how Warpath loves his gun. Prominent and useful in both modes, she has saved his life countless times, and she gets only the best in return. How he loves to line her sights up precisely on a barely visible target, and KAZOWY! blow it to shrapnel with a single well-placed shell. A dud annoys him; a miss is near-fatal embarrassment. A mere scratch to his gun's barrel keeps him up, late into the night, polishing it away. When on occasion his gun is damaged seriously enough to impair her function, he is practically inconsolable for weeks.

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    Badcube OTS-04 Wardog reissue
    Badcube OTS-04 Wardog reissue

    BadCube OTS-04 Wardog reissue

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    Fanstoys FT-41 Sheridan
    Fanstoys FT-41 Sheridan

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    Manufacturer: Fanstoys
    Code: FT-41 Sheridan
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  • Hasbro WFC Kingdom Deluxe Warpath
    Hasbro WFC Kingdom Deluxe Warpath

    Manufacturer: Hasbro
    Code: Hasbro WFC Kingdom Deluxe Warpath
    Height: ~
    CHOKING HAZARD: This product may contain small parts. It is not a toy and only suitable for the persons over 15 years old.

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