Shipping cost

Shipping in The Netherlands
Registered mail up to 23kg with insurance up to € 500 is € 7.75.

What is the price to ship the package to Belgium and Germany?
Registered mail up to 23kg with insurance up to € 500 is €9.50 for Belgium and €9.75 for Germany.

Shipping costs to other countries in EU

Austria: €15.75

Bulgaria: €31.00

Croatia: €31.00

Czech Republic: €19.00

Denmark: €16.00

Finland: €22.50

France: €15.75

Greece: €31.00

Hungary: €22.50

Ireland: €21.50

Italy: €17.50

Latvia: €31.00

Luxembourg: €13.30

Malta: €31.00

Poland: €22.50

Portugal: €19.50

Romania: €31.00

Serbia: €31.60

Slovakia: €19.00

Slovenia: €23.30

Spain: €17.55

Sweden: €22.50

Countries outside EU

We ship worldwide.       

You will find the prices when placing the order.

Please email us ( if you want your package ship to another country. The maximum size of the package is 175 x 78 x 58 cm to countries in the EU. The maximum size outside of the EU is 100 x 50 x 50 cm.

When will you deliver?
We try to ship the package as soon as we receive the payment.


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