Blaster loves all Earth music, especially good, hard, LOUD rock 'n' roll. He can be found at the forefront of any situation in which he's involved, be it getting down and truly hopping to town, or kicking butt and taking names—both of which he does well, and both of which have led him into conflict with authority at times. Blaster marches to his own beat, whether it's a pounding bassline or pounding Decepticon skulls, and he's not shy when it comes to sharing his feelings about either! He maintains a shared enmity with his Decepticon counterpart Soundwave, with whom he shares his powers over all forms of sound, and is often backed up by a team of his own Autobot Mini-Cassettes to match Soundwave's mini-minions on the battlefield.


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  • Takara Legends LG-28 Rewind & Highbeat
    Takara Legends LG-28 Rewind & Highbeat
    € 29,99
  • KFC EAVI METAL Phase 4 Transistor Pure Red unpainted [Reissue 2021]
    KFC EAVI METAL Phase 4 Transistor Pure Red unpainted [Reissue 2021]
    € 149,99
  • Super7 Transformers ReAction Blaster
    Super7 Transformers ReAction Blaster
    € 24,99
  • Mechfanstoys MF-49 Emitter
    Mechfanstoys MF-49 Emitter
    € 29,99
  • Deformation Space DS-02 Blaster
    Deformation Space DS-02 Blaster
    € 199,99
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