The Insecticons are a group of insectoid troublemakers that Megatron trusts as far as he can throw Devastator. The Insecticons also display a wide array of unique abilities including eating both organic and inorganic matter for energy, creating clones of themselves, weather control, and cerebro-shells.

The most commonly-seen group of Insecticons includes:
Shrapnel (usually the trio's leader)


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  • Insecticons *
    Insecticons *
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    Badcube OTS-5/6/7 Evil Bug Corps Set of 3
    Badcube OTS-5/6/7 Evil Bug Corps Set of 3
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    MMC R-26 Malum Malitia (set of 3)
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    Planet X Insecticons
    Planet X Insecticons
  • Newage NA H10 H11 H12 [set of 3]
    Newage NA H10 H11 H12 [set of 3]
    € 69,99
  • Fanstoys FT-12/13/14 (Reissue 2021)
    Fanstoys FT-12/13/14 (Reissue 2021)
    € 559,99
  • Fanstoys FT-12T/13/14 (Reissue 2021)
    Fanstoys FT-12T/13/14 (Reissue 2021)
    € 459,99
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