Grimlock is the most formidable and powerful Dinobot. He is on the side of the Autobots, but hates authority. He also despises weaklings, including all of humanity.

Are you looking for Transformers Grimlock toys? TF-Robots has an extensive collection of Grimlock Transformers figures from brands including Hasbro, Mechfanstoys and Planet X. A Grimlock Transformer in stock ordered before 2 p.m. GMT on weekdays, we will ship your way the same day. Your order is always shipped insured.

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  • Planet X PX-06B Hephaestus [R21]
    Planet X PX-06B Hephaestus [R21]
    € 139,99
  • GigaPower HQ-01R Superator [Chromed Version]
    GigaPower HQ-01R Superator [Chromed Version]
    € 269,99
  • Planet X PX-06G2 Vulcun (G2)
    Planet X PX-06G2 Vulcun (G2)
    € 149,99
  • Planet X PX-06D Peklenc
    Planet X PX-06D Peklenc
    € 149,99
  • Robosen Transformers Flagship Grimlock
    Robosen Transformers Flagship Grimlock
    € 1.899,99

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