Expected arrivals in September 2023

F7217 Transformers Legacy Evolution Armada Universe Megatron
F7121 Transformers Bumblebee Buzzworthy Voyager Optimus Prime
S.H. Figuarts Gohan Beast Mode
S.H. Figuarts Dragon Ball Z Son Goku Effect Parts Set 
Bandai Gx-104 Gaofighgar
Neca TMNT 1990 Movie Donatello
Neca TMNT 1990 Movie Leonardo
Neca TMNT 1990 Movie Michelangelo
Neca TMNT 1990 Movie Raphael
Neca TMNT Comic Man Ray
Neca TMNT Comic Zog Ultra
Neca TMNT Shredder & Mini Shredder
Neca Universal Monster x TMNT Casey Jones
Bandai Chainsaw Man Samurai Sword
ThreeA G.I. Joe 1/6 Firefly
ThreeA Robo-Dou Patlabor Griffon
ThreeA Robo-Dou Voltron 
Neca TMNT Archie Comics Dreadmon
Neca TMNT Archie Comics Jagwar

F7238 Transformers Studio Series Deluxe WFC Cliffjumper
F7236 Transformers Studio Series Deluxe 86 Brawn

F7055 Hasbro Marvel Legends Series Drax the Destroyer and Marvel's Moondragon
F6959 Transformers Legacy Evolution Leader Class Nova Prime
F6958 Transformers Legacy Evolution Deadeye Duel 2-Pack
Transformers Legacy Evolution Leader Dreadwing

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