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Code:Panzer World Galient Robo-Dou Action Figure Galient (Kelvin Sau Redesign)
CHOKING HAZARD:This product may contain small parts. It is not a toy and only suitable for the persons over 15 years old.
Reissue:July 2022


Attention:No guarantee on mint box.
No batteries included.
Features:- Approximately 24.5cm (9.6") tall
- Fully-articulated figure with 42 points of articulation
- Compatible between two forms; Panzer Blade Galient and Panzer Blade Assault Galient
- Panzer Blade Galient can transform into Big Falcon
- Panzer Blade Assault Galient can separating into 2 machines to have the upper torso transform into Panzer Falcon and to have the lower torso transform into Strike Vehicle
- The tires at both sides of each foot are able to rotate.

- One (1) Galient Blade in sword mode
- One (1) Galient Blade in whip mode (each of the small blade pieces are attached via bendable wire)
- One (1) Rear Cannon
- Two (2) interchangeable left back pack covers: a cover with a peg to attach Rear Cannon, and a cover without at peg
- One (1) Assault Cannon
- One (1) cable for Assault Cannon
- One (1) shield (has articulated pile driver at the back side)
- One (1) adapter piece for attaching shield to the left forearm
- Two (2) Interchangeable covers for the right leg: a cover with a hole to attach the cable of Assault Cannon, and a cover without a hole
- Two (2) Interchangeable covers for the left leg: a cover with the Strike Vehicle's cockpit block, and a cover without the cockpit block
- Four (4) pairs of exchangeable hands: Fist hands x 1 pair, Posed hands x 1 pair, Assault Cannon-holding hands x 1 pair, Galient Blade-holding hands x 1 pair.


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