[English] One Piece Card Game 500 Years in the Future Booster Box OP-07

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Item code: OP07
Let op: Dit is een trading card game
Taal: English
Fabrikant: Bandai TCG
EAN-Code: 810059785076
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Each One Piece Card Game Booster Box OP07 Booster Box contains 24 booster packs, each containing 12 cards.

A lineup of mainstay characters in various themes! Look forward to more information (coming soon)!

This pack is filled with popular characters such as Bonney of the Supernovas and Hancock of the Kuja Pirates! Other themes will be included too! More information is coming soon!

Introducing Never-before Seen Characters as Leader Cards!

Six new Leader cards appear, including the red Leader Monkey.D.Dragon of the Revolutionary Army! These Leaders are set to shake up the playing field with unexpected strategies!

Packed with Cards for New and Experienced Players Alike!

An excellent companion to previous products, including the recently released Extra Booster Pack! The inclusion of several new themes also makes this pack perfect for newcomers looking to catch up to the experts in no time!


1 Booster Pack: 12 Cards
1 Display Box: 24 Packs
1 Case: 12 Display Boxes

The complete OP-07 set contains an extensive collection of cards, including:

  • 6x Leader Card
  • 1x DON!! Card
  • 1x Treasure Card
  • 6x Special Card
  • 2x Secret Rare
  • 10x Super Rare
  • 26x Rare
  • 30x Uncommon
  • 45x Common


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