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Item code: CCST07059
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Hoogte: 25 cm / 10 inch
Lanceerdatum: November 2024
Fabrikant: CCS TOYS
EAN-Code: 6971095070596
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Conditie: Nieuw

The pitch-black giant robot, Majin Kaiser SKL, possessing power said to surpass even gods and demons, is now descending as a die-cast poseable figure in the CCSTOYS "Mortal Mind" series!

Faithfully reproducing its sharp and ominous form while adding original arrangements throughout, This alloy action toy is finished with a weighty metallic paint job!On the other hand, it also has an abondant supply of weaponaries and equipments, with its impactful damage cape and the addition of handcuffs and chains doubling its ruggedness! Representative weapons like the "Ganzanto" and "Breast Trigger" are included, along with a new original weapon, the "Snake Belly Sword," which can also be attached to the main body along with Wingl's wings! Furthermore, the head's "Skull Pilder" can transform into flight mode without any part swapping!

Don't miss out on the exploits of the "most wicked" demon god, Majin Kaiser SKL, reborn with the technological prowess of CCSTOYS!

- Mazinkaizer SKL Body x1
- Skull Pilder x1
- Inferno Blaster Effect Parts x1
- Ganzanto x1
- Breastrigger
- Breast Tomahawk Optional Parts x1
- Snake Belly Sword x1
- Wing Cross x1
- Cape Parts (A\\B\\C) x2
- Scarf x1
- Wrist Shackles Parts x2
- Chains (Long)
- Chains (Short)
- Optional Head (Monoeye Ver.) x1
- Optional Hand for Breastrigger x2
- Weapon Connecting Rod (Long) x1
- Weapon Connecting Rod (Short) x2
- Display Base
- Joint for Pillars(A,B,C)
- Support Pillar for Display Base (Long/Short)


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