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Armored Core Diecast / PVC Decoction Models Model Kit Rayleonard 03-Aaliyah Supplice - Pre order

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Item code: KTOGG001
Lanceerdatum: Eind augustus 2023
Fabrikant: Kotobukiya
EAN-Code: 4934054033065
Conditie: New

As the first release in Kotobukiya's new brand DECOCTION MODELS, RAYLEONARD 03-AALIYAH SUPPLICE from ARMORED CORE 4 will be released as a finished, full action model with alloy parts. Armored Core 4 is a high-speed mecha action video game that continues to be loved more than 15 years since its release.

The matte-textured, detailed color adjustments on the exterior and the use of alloy in the joints give the model a realistic and heavy feel reminiscent of a true combat weapon.

In addition to details from the series being recreated, various features have been also added according to Kotobukiya's original interpretation.

Enjoy this ultimate work, which respects the original design while further enhancing its authenticity.

Model Specifications:
- This product is a pre-assembled and pre-painted, finished action figure with alloy parts.
- The matte-textured body paint with reduced luster gives the figure a luxurious feel and a realistic impression of a true combat weapon.
- The shoulder, elbow, hip, and leg joints are made from alloy.
- The Berlioz emblem is printed on the upper left shoulder.
- The head sensor is illuminated by an LED unit built into the body.
- Various features are included in accordance with the original game.
·The storage and deployment features of the PA (Primal Armor) rectifiers are recreated on both sides of the chest.
·The Over Boost's deployment can be recreated on the back.
·The armor on the forearms can be deployed, as well as extended and retracted, which allows for the support arm configuration.
- Original features only for this series are also included.
·The exterior of the upper part of the rectifiers in the center of the front of the body can be opened.
·The exterior of the back side parts can be opened.
·Plate-type rectifiers on the elbows are equipped with springs that allow for articulation.
·The exterior of the forearm side parts can be opened.
·The coil-type rectifiers at the front and back of the forearms can be expanded or retracted, allowing for deployment.
·The back booster units on both sides of the legs can be further expanded.
·The exterior parts on the sides of the legs can be expanded.
·The back parts of the thighs are equipped with springs to extend the range of articulation in the knees.
·The grip tip of the left assault rifle 04-MARVE can be expanded or retracted, allowing the connection point to the support arm to be exposed.
·The lower muzzle of the left assault rifle 04-MARVE can be expanded or retracted.
·The right-hand rifle 051ANNR, the left-hand assault rifle 04-MARVE, and the right-shoulder grenade cannon OGOTO are all equipped with detachable magazines.
·The 051ANAM flares on both shoulders can be deployed to recreate shooting poses.

Included Items:
- Main Unit: 03-AALIYAH
- Rifle: 051ANNR
- Assault Rifle: 04-MARVE
- Grenade Cannon: OGOTO
- Flare: 051ANAM
- Stabilizers: 03-AALIYAH/LBS1
- Display Stand Printed with Corporate Logo (Rayleonard)
- Three Batteries for LED Unit (3x LR41 Batteries not included)


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